2016 Camp
Sunday, July 17th - Friday, July 22nd

A picture is worth a thousand words, but sometimes we need words too. It's hard to understand camp if you've never been, but here is what one camper had to say on her Facebook page after coming home from 2015 camp:

When people ask what I have planned for summer I always start with my camp plans. This usually leads to the fact that we don't have air conditioning coming out and them asking how in the world we can stand it in the middle of July. My response, its so worth it! You are sharing so many memories with people from all different states! There are people from cities in Missouri, Arkansas, Nebraska, California, Tennessee, and many more! The fact that people come from all over is so encouraging! It shows that you are never alone in your walk with Christ! When you first get to camp, yes, the heat is something you have to get used to, but it doesn't really matter how hot, or how sweaty you get, you are being encouraged and having so much fun that in the moment you don't pay attention to it all that much!

Camp is the best week of the year to me because every year I go into camp texting people that I plan to hang out with, and come out having met so many new people! This was my 7th year at camp and every week of camp for the last 7 years I have met at least 10 new people. Yes, I have gone into camp nervous I won't make more friends, and that nervousness is crushed the moment I step out of the car into the thick July heat! The people I meet at Missouri Camp are people I will be friends with my entire life! Anytime I am having an off day, all I have to do is go through my autograph book from the year before and it pulls me out of that rut! And if by some chance that doesn't work, all I have to do is text or call one of the many people I know and ask them to talk with me, and any one of them gladly would. It is the most encouraging thing!

The girls in my cabin this year were wonderful! There was not a single drop of drama in that cabin! It is so great to be around those girls! Each and every one encourages me to be a better person! They are always willing to sit and talk to you when you're sleep deprived and crying! (Yes that happens at camp! Hey what can we say, talking is more important than sleep.) I am so incredibly blessed to have been able to share a cabin with all of the wonderful ladies I did! I love you all!

The guys! Where to start with the guys? The guys at camp are the type that are sweet, funny, and guess what.....They are Christians! The older guys don't act like they are too cool for the younger kids. In fact, they love the little kids! They include them in everything and strive to give them a good example to follow! I have made so many incredible friendships with the guys at camp! They all are willing to sit and talk when you need a guys point of view for something and some of them, believe it or not, will start crying before you will! They aren't like the guys of the world! They don't need to act like they don't care or that they never cry because most of them realize it's stupid! I am so thankful for all the guys at camp! Us girls appreciate ya'll even if we don't tell you all the time!

The counselors! The counselors I had in my cabin this year were so amazing! I strive to be like them when I grow up! They are such faithful women with a love for God that shows in everything they do! But not just in my cabin. The counselors at camp are the type of people that when you need the advice of someone with a little more wisdom, you go to! They will sit down and study the Bible and help you answer the questions that you are asking!

And last, but certainly not least, the encouragement and uplifting experience. Every year we have the best Bible material. Most of the time it's not something you would think getting application from! This week we studied Judges and from the book of Judges we learned the type of person we are supposed to marry, how to learn from others mistakes, and how forgiving God is! It's amazing how you can get so much out of something you never would have thought to sit down and study extremely closely! The devos are the best! Sitting with people of like faith, ranging from 9-18 is uplifting! Its an incredible experience I wouldn't change for the world!

I love all of you and I hope to see you between now and next year!

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2014 Seniors & Graduating Campers

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