Florida College Missouri Summer Camp
General Information

Florida College Missouri Summer Camp is...
  • a safe place where campers will build friendships that last a lifetime
  • a spiritual environment where campers participate in prayer, Bible study, devotional time and singing under the guidance of mature, spiritually-minded counselors who are grounded in the faith
  • sports, crafts, group activities, entertainment and more
  • a vehicle for introducing campers to the opportunities and advantages of Florida College

When Is Camp?

Sunday, July 12 at 2:00 pm to Friday, July 17 at 11:00 am

Who Can Come To Camp?

  • 10-18 years
  • Seniors who graduate the May prior to camp
  • 9 year olds may register, but they will be the first to be added to a waiting list if camp fills up

Camp Costs

  • $185 per camper
  • $40 reservation fee (per camper) paid at registration
  • Full payment must be made no later than one month prior to the first day of camp (Friday, June 14, 2019)

How Do I Register For Camp?


  • Refunds (including deposits) will be returned up to two weeks prior to camp. After that, there are no refunds.
  • Please let the Directors know if you are not coming ASAP so others on the waiting list can come. 

Forms & Downloads

Rules & Conduct
  • Please review the Rules & Conduct with your camper(s) before camp
  • One purpose of camp is to provide a clean, safe, wholesome, beneficial environment where all campers can associate with the finest of young people.  All activities are purposefully designed to maintain a spiritual atmosphere.
  • Proper conduct between girls and boys is expected at all times. 
  • Campers are expected to wear modest clothing.  All shorts are REQUIRED to be at least knee-length.  Clothing should not be tight or clingy (i.e. skinny jeans / leggings).  Shirts may not reveal the belly or back.  Shoulder straps should be at least two inches wide.  Daily camp attire will be suitable for all camp functions.  If clothing is questionable, it is best to leave it at home.  Campers in clothes that do not meet these standards will be asked to change.
  • No electronic devices are allowed at camp (i.e. mp3 players, laptops, TV's, portable gaming devices, etc.).  It is our prefernce that campers leave their cell phone at home.  All cell phones will be collected and kept in the administration building from check-in until check-out.
  • Those who violate camp rules may be sent home at their parent's expense.

Dropping Off / Picking Up Campers

  • Camp opens at 3:00 pm on Sunday. The gates will be closed until that time.
  • Check-out begins at approx. 10:30 am on Friday.  Everybody MUST be gone no later than 11:30 am.

Visiting Camp

  • Camper safety is our number one concern! Although we would love to allow visitors to come and go, staff limitations do not allow us to provide an "open camp", so visitors are only allowed during the following times:
  • Parents may visit the camp site and help their camper(s) get their bunks set up on Sunday afternoon during check-in.
  • The gates will be opened at approximately 8:15 pm on Thursday night for the talent show.
  • Besides these times there are no visitors allowed at camp. Thank you.
What Are People Saying About Camp?

I love camp! I love knowing that my kids are having a great time with other Christians who are helping them grow spiritually. They come home exhausted but after a night in their own beds (and some AC) they are counting down the days until the next camp!

-Nancy (Columbia, MO)


I LOVE camp.  It's a fun week but definitely more than that.  I'd have to say the best part about it is the people I've met there and the impact they've had on my life...literally some of my best friends in the world I met at camp.  Going to camp makes me completely pumped for FC.  I can't wait!!!

-Jamie (Smithville, MO)


Camp has given me the opportunity to find a phenomenal group of Christian friends, that I know will always be there for me.  It's a yearly booster for me, spiritually.

-Shelbi (Olathe, KS)


Camp is not only a place where I see all my Christian friends for a whole week (which in and of itself is very uplifting) but it has also made me a much stronger Christian.  Back when I was little I viewed it as simply a week to hang with friends but for the past few years I've noticed that camp builds me up spiritually in a way that nothing else does.  So, because of camp, I not only have my very own Christian support group that I can call when I struggle, I am also closer to God.  Thank you camp, campers, and counselors for changing my life for the better.

-Jillian (Viola, KS)


When I was younger, camp was all about four square and raiding cabins, but as I got older things changed a lot. The FC friends and older campers began to help shift my focus more toward spiritual things. I enjoyed the singing and devos a lot more and began to grow spiritually. Shortly after I became a Christian, I was encouraged to start extra-curricular Bible studies myself, and there were many who were willing to join me in that effort. Being able to lead and influence others like some of the older campers who had influenced me was a huge encouragement. It was a wonderful opportunity for spiritual growth. 

Not to mention an opportunity to develop God centered relationships with my brothers and sisters in Christ. Some of my closest friends through the years have been people I met at camp. My girlfriend (for 2 years now) went to Missouri Camp with me. This summer I'll be rooming with a guy that I went to camp with for 6 or 7 years. And there are many other friendships that I have today that started at camp. Even though camp is just one week out of the year, it has had a tremendous impact on my life. Thanks be to God for using Missouri Camp in the way He has.

-Grady (Lincoln, NE)


This past year at camp was the best I have had so far, and I expect it to get better and better every year! I was really able to make a lot of Christian friends who are very uplifting, and to attend the extra devotionals. The lessons are amazing, and the counselors and teens very well founded in Christ. Since I became a Christian, camp means so ... SO More much more to me. It isn't just friends and fun, but a place where we can spend a week in fellowship with people who have the same spiritual goals. Adults and kids alike are able to worship God and exhort one another throughout the week, which is so refreshing. I want all of my friends to share the same experiences there as I do, and to be encouraged to give glory to God always!!

-Kaley (Smithville, MO)

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