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The purpose of this page is to provide information to those who are interested in serving at camp.  Please understand, we cannot accommodate every person who wants to serve at camp; and we do not operate on a first-come first-served basis.  That your name has been on the list longer than anyone else's does not necessarily mean you will be given priority.  Every year begins with a fresh slate and a thorough evaluation of the coming week of camp's needs.  In addition to the list below, those with special skills such as being a trained EMT, being a strong swimmer or having photo/video/media training will be considered.

If you are interested in serving at camp please send an email to Ryan & Becky Boyer (RyanBoyer5@gmail.com), and your name will be added to a list for consideration.  Though it is not required, it would be helpful for us if you could write about how you fulfill the qualities listed below.  Also, we do need some kind of personal reference for you.  If you know one of our camp staff who can speak for you, or if we have some acquaintance in common that would be helpful.

Here are some of the qualities (in no specific order) that we use to determine who we need any given year:

Supporter of Florida College.

Camp is called Florida College Missouri Summer Camp.  One of the primary purposes of camp is to support and promote the school.  If you cannot support and promote Florida College, then serving at camp is not for you.

While nobody is excluded for this reason, priority will be given to those who either have sent, or are sending their kids to Florida College; or to those who are planning to attend Florida College.  Some other factors related to supporting Florida College might include participation in a local booster club, booster club events, hosting FC kids when they come through town, etc.

It is also helpful when camp staff knows something about Florida College.  For example, do you know about the societies and Falcon Days?  Are you up to speed on some of the degree programs that have recently been added and the renovations that the school has seen in the last few years? There are a lot of exciting changes happening at FC, and it would be great if our staff knew about these and could articulate them to our campers.

Rapport with Young People

These are the folks who young people approach at church and other gatherings.  They like you, and you like them.  These folks will be involved in things such as hosting or organizing teen studies or other gatherings for young people.  They drive young people to other cities for get-togethers. They teach the young people in Bible class at church.  They are able to relate and communicate with young people other than their own kids.

Every counselor will teach Bible class at least one day (probably more), and will participate every day in class; so the ability to teach 9-18 year olds the Bible in an effective way is a must.  

A Servant Heart

This person understands that camp is about campers, and not counselors.  Camp is about working on a team to serve 15-20 campers in your cabin, and the bigger camp, generally.  It is not about hanging out with, or spending a week of fun with your own child/children.

This is especially true of those who cook.  Our cooks work long hours in less than desirable circumstances without some of the rewarding aspects like direct contact with campers that other camp staff enjoy.  Because of this, "chemistry" in the kitchen is a necessary aspect of consideration.
Reliable, self-starter, follows through with all tasks without supervision

We need people who can figure out what to do and how to do it.

We need a healthy balance of age/wisdom/experience and youthful/energetic fun

Here is an example of what this looks like.  In the past, we have had tons of young, energetic people who wanted to serve at camp, but not enough older, experienced, responsible wisdom to put in each cabin.  Also, we have had tons of older, responsible wisdom, and not enough younger, energetic staff to play with the kids and get them pumped up during sports and other activities.  We strive for a healthy balance in this regard.

Every counselor needs to be capable of making consistently responsible decisions.

Diverse Locations

A counselor may possess every characteristic in this list, but be one of several staff from one congregation or area.  One of our goals is to reach as many kids as possible, and someone else in another place might help to achieve that goal better.  It would be great if every camper's congregation was represented by a staff member at camp.  It would be even better if someone from a congregation that does not send kids to camp could rally support in their area to help us touch even more lives.

Here are some other characteristics that play a role in staff selection:
  • High moral character
  • We are striving to provide a spiritually uplifting week where campers can see models of Christian maturity.  Of course, we are all sinners with our own flaws; but we generally try to choose staff whose lives and homes are "put together" and good examples for our campers.  
  • An environment filled with heat, young people and sleep deprivation is a breeding ground for "drama."  We need people who do not bring, participate in, or contribute to "drama" and who are able to calm the storm when it comes.  We want our campers to see what a stable life and home looks like.
  • Camp staff must be high-energy and function well in extremely hot conditions with very little sleep.  A best case scenario is to be in bed at 11:00 PM (snickers under breath) and wake up at 7:00 AM.  Do not expect more than this.
Peace Makers & Keepers

We have campers from a variety of backgrounds who come from all kinds of congregations.  Camp is a week of uplifting encouragement in Christ and his people; and not an opportunity to set every Christian straight on whatever your hobbies may be.  Camp is not going to be the place where these issues are settled: divorce and remarriage, whether camp modesty rules are Scriptural, how to "properly" eat the Lord's Supper, whether or not the building sign should say Church of Christ ...and things like these.  If you are a pot-stirrer in your congregation, on Facebook, or on your personal blog site, then it might be best for you to not come to camp.

A Note from Sherri About the Kitchen

Do you like cooking Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners... for 250 people... without air conditioning... three times a day... for five days?  Then being a camp cook is for you!  We rise everyday at 5:00 am, start cooking at 6:00 am, and end our day about 7:30 pm for evening devo with the campers and staff.  The job requires a lot of standing throughout the day.  A good sense of humor is also a must because we like to laugh.  The Florida College Missouri Camp is known for having GREAT food, and we work as a team to accomplish that goal each year.  We strive to make the campers and counselors feel like they are eating in our homes.  We serve them with a smile, regardless of the pain in our feet and back.  If you like serving others, working together as one, and feeding lots of hungry people, we would love to hear from you.

Final Note

If you are not chosen to serve at camp it is in no way a reflection of anybody's view of your personal character or spirituality.  You may very well be a leader among God's people; but we simply do not have room for you this year.  Most years, we have a waiting list of campers who do not get to come to camp; so every person on staff takes a bunk that one camper does not have access to.  Further, one of our goals is to keep camp affordable, so we cannot simply throw non-paying people in empty cots.  It may be that we simply need someone from another city.  Take no offense if you are not selected.

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